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I don’t know whether the England shirt was supposed to be on show before tomorrow, after all, retailers such as sports direct ran banners that implied the shirt would be released on the 29th (tomorrow) and it all seemed very hush hush. Either way the shirt came out with all sorts of comments and I think umbro have handled it well. For me, the shirt has grown on me nicely. Albeit pricey, it looks good.

After the world cup and the bloody awesome launch of the whole ‘England Away’ campaign I don’t really know what to think about the use of typography for the tailored by umbro imagery used this time around. I think this is because I fell in love with the original tailored by England/umbro stuff that this next installment looks a bit rushed. I’m sure they’ve got plenty up their sleeves for the Euros but in the mean time, here’s a mix of images of old and new – tailored by England pre world cup, tailored by England pre euros…










Just came across this on the Who Ate All The Pies blog.

There’s not much more I can say about these images. They speak for themselves. George best, the king of cool. If you launched a brand under this guise today with the feel of these photos you could pull it off well. Ok the type is one you see time and time again but if used as shown here, there’d be no harm in bringing it back out. It’s the classic 60s/70s greasy spoon font.

As always, fashions repeat themselves. Same in the design world. The composition of these photos are almost forever contemporary.



So I wanted to plug umbro. You can’t not mention the new England shirt on a football design blog.

So what do you make for the new kit? Personally, I like it, I heard somewhere it might start off at £50 which is pretty hectic.

Watch what umbro do, Follow their blog. It’s a great insight. Working with Love in Manchester they are equipped for constant innovation and I see them as a leader of creativity in the football world.